Oncology-Surgical & Medical

Jagrani Hospital offers comprehensive facilities for management of cancer patients in the superspeciality areas of Surgical and Medical Oncology. The hospital is in the process of installing cutting-edge technology in Radiation Oncology including IMRT /IGRT using one of the world’s best Linear accelerator and Brachytherapy equipment.

The Department of Surgical Oncology is capable of performing a diverse range of oncological surgeries in the areas of Head & Neck cancer, Breast cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Gastrointestinal malignancies and Gynecological cancers. The Department of Surgical Oncology is ably supported by the multi-disciplinary environment of the hospital providing orthopedic, reconstructive, facio-maxillary, thoracic, urological,gastroenterological and endocrine surgical care. The hospital also provides the finest equipment and qualified staff in its world class operating theatres and intensive care units making surgery safe for the patient.

The Department of Medical Oncology works in complete coordination with Department of Surgical Oncology and is involved in caring for and delivering the most advanced chemotherapy protocols to cancer patients.

The hospital has facilities for day care as well as inpatient chemotherapy. This is done under the supervision of DrSucheta by a team of well trained staff who are well versed in handling chemo ports, PICC and central venous catheters.

Jagrani Hospital conducts O.P.D. for Surgical Oncology and Medical Oncology all six days a week and is backed by high end diagnosticand histopathology laboratory.Oncology facilities & services:

Medical Oncology

•    Expert Consultation for Chemotherapy
•    Specialized ward for Day Care anticancer chemotherapy under supervision of expert staff.
•    Inpatient care for admitted cancer patients getting Chemotherapy.

Surgical Oncology

•    Consultation for suspected or diagnosed cases of Cancer.
•    All surgical operation for common cancers(Mouth, neck, breast, stomach and intestine, uterus, ovary, soft tissue & skin) by superspecilist& skilled team of surgeons.

Haemato Oncology

Treatment facilities for all Blood Cancers/Cancer of lymphoid tissue including Bone Marrow Transplant for Blood Cancer & related disorders of the blood & Bone Marrow.