We place before you a complete range of world-class facilities and services to deliver the very best in terms of therapy in neurological disorder.
•    Management of stroke, movement disorders, epilepsy, pain and multiple sclerosis.
•    Highly skilled and experienced team of Neuro-physicians who bring them vast experience across assorted spheres of clinical neurology.
•    The Jagrani Hospital has a state-of-the-art intensive care unit (ICU) dedicated towards care of neurology patients with paramedical and nursing staff exclusively trained to deal with critically ill neurology patients.
•    The neurology ICU is also equipped with the latest generation ventilators and bedside monitors.
•    We also offer the new-generation treatment of stroke patients called thrombolysis, which involves intravenous infusion of a thrombolytic agent (drug which dissolves clots in arteries).
Our department of physiotherapy trains the patients in gait therapy and balance.

Special Programmes For Special Needs.

•    Stroke support programme.
•    Epilepsy support programme.
•    Parkinson’s support programme.
•    Dementia support programme.

Special emphasis on

•    – management of stroke
•    – movement disorders
•    – epilepsy, pain and multiple sclerosis.