General Surgery


All types of acute Abdomen: -eg AC Appendicitis, perforation of peptic ulcer, intestinal obstruction, volvulus of small/large gut.

All types of Hernias: -inguinal, epigastric, femoral, umbilical, diaphragmatic, lumber and rare type.

Gall Bladder Diseases: Gall stones for laparoscopic or open gall bladder (Choleccystitis,cholelithiasis) removal
Abdominal-Blunt and/or penetrating injuries eg stab wound cases
Hydrocoel /Varicocoele cases

Rectal cases: -Fissure in ANO,Fistula in ANO, Piles(Haemorrhoids)
Any Lump/Bump anywhere in body (top to toe) including Axilla & Groin
Diabetic Foot/Ulcer/Gangrene in Toes/leg
All simple and multiple Injuries (excluding bony injuries) including tongue and face injuries.
All Gun shot wound Abdomen/Neck. Train & Vehicle Accidents/Blasts/Injuries/Terrorist/War. Injuries, Polytrauma.
Salivary glands –Swelling/diseases

Neck swelling eg. Dermoid,CysticHygroma,any other swelling e.g. branchial cysts.
Any infected lesion in Buttock/any other Lump or Swelling Scrotum,Perineum& /or Groin.
Single lower Limb swelling /Infection
Bariatric and GI surgery cases.
Boil/Absceessany where in body,also Psoas Abscess,Liver Abscess
Corn/Wart anywhere in body
Nail infections
Fistula/Sinus neck
Pilonidal Sinus
Enlarged spleen /Infected Spleen
Mesenteric Cysts,Omental Cyst,
Rectal polyp
Mass of hair in stomach also phytobazoar
All type of cysts-eg Sebaceous cysts
Prolapsed rectum