Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional care is an important part of comprehensive health care, therefore is an integral part of any hospital setup. It is an important indicator of quality care of patient. Therefore, Jagrani Hospital is running a department of clinical nutrition and dietetics separately to cater nutritional services to its patient especially critically ill to decrease mortality and morbidity and to improve patient care.

The department is headed by Dr Ritu Singh, Clinical Nutritionist, Jagrani Hospital with Asst. Dietician Ms Preeti Sharma and Ms Richa Tewari. The main objectives of department are to asses and evaluate the patients nutritional status, formulate nutritional care plans, design meal pattern modified according to the therapeutic need of the patient, recommend appropriate enteral formulas and supervise enteral nutrition and to counsel the patients and their families regarding any dietary modification needed.

The dietetic department staff is also responsible for the preparation and service of food to the patients and evaluation of the patients’ response to the diet. For this, Jagrani Hospital is Equipped with well mechanized patients kitchen.

The department is also running internship programs in nutrition and dietetics for undergraduate and post graduate nutrition students of educational institutions like NDUAT-Faizabad, KNIPSS-Sultanpur, IGNOU, CSJMU-Kanpur etc. besides this, 3-6 months professional internship programs are also running for post graduate students of nutrition and dietetics.