Diagnostic Laboratories


To provide quality diagnostic facilities

Various diagnostic laboratories are equipped with the latest automated “state of the art” equipment to ensure quality diagnostic services with fast turnaround time and accurate analysis so as to facilitate effective medical care. We have placed emphasis on external quality control as per international standards & protocols so to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. We constantly update ourselves with newer diagnostic facilities and keep pace with rapid advancements in the field of laboratory medicine. Some of the routine and specialized diagnostic services being offered include
1.    Histopathology
2.    Cytopathology
3.    Routine and Special Hematology
4.    Clinical Pathology
5.    Molecular Pathology
6.    Clinical Chemistry
7.    Hormone, tumor markers and drug assays
8.    Microbiology
9.    Serology
10.    Immunology
11.    Mycology
12.    Parasitology

All lab facilities are available round the clock.


We are equipped with advanced diagnostic laboratories having state of art equipments and well trained and experienced manpower to provide wide range of comprehensive diagnostic services under one roof. Using good laboratory practices, we endeavor to provide a broad range of services to the patients and clinicians for screening, diagnosis and prediction of disease outcome. We provide fast turn around time, accurate analysis and complete quality assurance for effective medical care at affordable cost.