We at Jagrani Hospital advocate and deliver beauty through the specialty of Cosmetic Dermatology. The Cosmetic Dermatology Program offers far more than the usual options, by combining comprehensive medical care of the skin with doctor-approved rejuvenating treatments and products.

Department of Dermatology is operational in Jagrani Hospital since more than ten years handling all dermatological and cosmetological conditions like:

  1.  Acne
  2. Melasma (hyper-pigmentation on the face)
  3. Sun tanning
  4. Psoriasis
  5. Vitiligo
  6. Skin allergies
  7. Eczema
  8. Cracked heels
  9. Dark Circle reduction
  10. Hair fall & Baldness and lots more..

We have facilities for various cutaneous surgeries for skin and nail diseases, allergy skin testing, electro-cauterization and chemical peels. Cosmetics dermatology is becoming an integral part of the management of clinical dermatology. So in addition to chemical peel in treating hyper pigmentation of face, microdermabrasion to treat facial scar due to acne, chickenpox etc. are with excellent result. Interestingly the cosmetic procedures do not need any hospital admission. We are also treating wrinkling on forehead (Frown lines) or near eyes (crow-feet) with local injection of Botox.

Apart from the various services provided in the department, few are listed below.

  1. Laser Hair removal
  2. Removal of Warts, Skin Tags & Moles
  3. Photo rejuvenation or Photo facial by IPL
  4. Chemical peeling
  5. Micro-dermabrasion (MDA)
  6. Wrinkle management by BOTOX
  7. Lumenis fractional CO2 & IPL-Nd-YAG LASER SYSTEM
  8. Vitiligo Surgeries

The department is totally geared to meet the challenges of the sexually transmitted diseases. Patients with AIDS are being managed by department in conjunction with other specialists as needed.
Excellent supporting facilities related to Microbiology, Clinical pathology, Biochemistry, Histopathology with Immuno- fluorescence studies, Nuclear Medicine nerve conduction studies etc. are available to help in diagnosing and treating different dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases and leprosy patient that present to this hospital